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Within the framework of the project “Alternative Yerevan”, initiated jointly with urbanlab and the Committee for the Protection of Yerevan’s Heritage, a range of initiatives, aim to re-evaluate the historical environment of the city, were implemented. One of those initiatives is Alternative 33: аn ideas competition for the urban revitalization of district 33 (Firdusi). More information about the competition can be find here.

By the initiative of the Boghossian Foundation urbanlab announced an open international architectural competition “Reviving NPAK” to find the best design solutions for the existing building of NPAK located at 1/3 Buzand Street of Yerevan (Armenia), which needed to reflect the aspects of the competition package through contemporary architectural language that is conscious of social and environmental responsibility, the importance for radical technical experimentation and the need to sustain a dialogue with the Centre’s legacy and its traditions.

On 1-2 July the international Jury board discussed the submitted 126 proposal from around the globe. On the third of July exhibition of the competition was opened at National Museum-Institute of Architecture of Armenia. You can review the competition brief here and learn more about the winners here.

The President Prize is awarded for breakthrough discoveries and significant contribution by the citizens of the Republic of Armenia in the fields of education, science and culture. The President Prize was initiated and is realized by the Boghossian Foundation annoually since 2001. In 2017 the Boghossian Foundation commissioned urbanlab to lead advocacy and promotional campaign of the President Prize. In the framework of the promotional campaign the following actions have been initiated and implemented: branding of the Prize in cooperation with Marog Creative Agency, city wide promotional campaign, an online database of awardees, a special issue of Yerevan City Magazine and other related activities. More information can be find here.

Common Notepad was outcome of the Gyumri-Kars Urban Heritage project implemented by the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development and urbanlab. It was aimed to promote dialogue between Armenian and Turkish young urban planner and architects to join efforts in addressing the problem of protecting the urban heritage of mainly 19th century in Kars and Gyumri. These two cities shaped their urban structure and style during Russian Empire period and had many similarities - built form the same tuff stone, same neo-classical stylistics, etc. The number of such buildings has been decreasing over time. Although they are considered as architectural monuments, still due care is not taken for the maintenance of those buildings by authorities and residents. The publication was produced with the assistance of the European Union within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process, managed by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation. For the publication follow the link.

Sevan Writers Resort represents two different epochs in Soviet modernist architecture – the Residential building of 1930s early Soviet avant-garde era and the Restaurant structure of 1960s architecture of late Soviet Modernism designed by two prominent Armenian architects Gevorg Kochar and Mikayel Mazmanyan. The project is funded by the Getty Foundation’s “Keeping it Modern” project grant to Writers Union of Armenia initiated by art critic and curator Ruben Arevshatyan and urbanlab founder Sarhat Petrosyan. To learn more on the project follow the link, or view the results here.

Kond is one of Yerevan oldest and unique urban structures that reached us almost intact from the 18th century. The project initiated by urbanlab aims to re-evaluate the historical importance of the district and its role in the fabric of the city, with a set of recommendations on how to revitalize the district without damaging the historic environment.

Possibilities of overlaying necessity of Northern Avenue with preservation of historical urban structure of Yerevan. The project is aimed for the first time present a proposal for the historical district of Yerevan which was demolished for realization of Northern avenue. This given analysis is a modest attempt to provide the best solution, with main focus on preserving the existing urban pattern of that area which dates back to the 19th century of Yerevan. Find the complete project here.

The idea of using Adamyan street as a best practice for future developments in the well preserved historical town of Shoushi located in Karabakh. The well preserved buildings, a cozy square and also good location of the street in the urban content were basis of the project. The proposal was presented for variety of audience in Armenia and abroad. Back in 2005 we also made the design for Eastern Bath of Shoushi - a unique structure located on Adamyan street. It is the only remaining bathhouse dating back to the 19th century which is still standing. During the design process variety of local hand made ceramics and mosaics made by natural stones were used.