We share

We share

urbanlab, in collaboration with Boon TV, organised a series of Alt_urban talks aimed at re-evaluating urban planning, territorial development, the city and the territory as a whole. Talks are available at the following link.

urbanlab in cooperation with the Committee for the Protection of Yerevan’s Urban Heritage presents the Alt_EVN film series dedicated to Yerevan urban heritage sites, which presents the multi-layered nature of Armenian architecture throughout different  eras.Film series are available at the following link.

urbanlab in cooperation with the Committee for the Protection of Yerevan’s Urban Heritage initiated "Alternative Yerevan" project, which aims to support local activists to advocate for participatory urban decision-making procedures, to develop new urban heritage protection policies and to promote sustainable leveraging of natural and cultural heritage․

In December 2016 urbanlab team partnered with Yerevan Magazine right owner Artavazd Yeghiazaryan in publishing the Yerevan City Magazine Special Edition, which featured ReThink Metsamor Project.
Yerevan City Magazine is about the past, present and future of Yerevan city and its citizens. Special attention is given to the problems of urban development and architecture, as well as the stories of ordinary residents. The Magazine is also available on the net.

Started from 2011 urbanlab team has been organizing urban walks with a special focus on unconventional heritage sites of Yerevan, i.e. Kond, Lalayants Street, etc. In the framework of the same initiative Yerevan participated in Jane's Walk movements and Faro Walks of European Heritage Days. For upcoming free urban walks follow us on social media: Facebook and Twitter. You can request an individual urban walk by sending an email to [email protected] mentioning the date, time, preferred language (Armenian, English and Russian) and number of participants.

Boghossian Gardens, as a public green platform, installed a “Made in Armenia” orange (apricot) YERAZ van from September 21 at Lovers’ Park Yerevan, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Armenia.
The idea is to encourage everyone to take photos next to the YERAZ, to upload images and share their thoughts on their preferred social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Picsart, etc.) using relevant hashtags.

Transcaucasian nations talk about their similarities during peace, and talk about differences when there is a tension. Baku, Tbilisi and Yerevan, the main urban concentration points during last two centuries, were the platform for this “talk”. Tbilerevaku project has an intention to highlight the common urban multicultural heritage of Transcaucasian nations, through an invisible line of identical historical landscapes. 
The Project has was organized in the framework of Urban Resort Warsaw of the Trans-Caucasus Festival initiated by The Other Space Foundation based in Warsaw.

urbanlab Team loves New Year, for that reason each year started from September we think on concept of coming holiday card.

For example in 2014 we developed a concept of using Armenian religious erections when masonry craftsmen, while carving on stone, used to skip some letters (mostly vowel) to reduce the amount of work (a.k.a. time) and stone surfaces (a.k.a. space). This writing mostly with consonant letters makes the writing understandable, for example H-S K-S instead of Hisus Kristos (which means Jesus Christ in Armenian) or SH-N-R-H-V-R instead of shnorhavor (which means congratulations or happy) as it is written on our season's greeting card of 2014-2015.   

The latest one 2016 card was considered a “torn pages” of our note pad, which showcases our recent projects, illustrated by urbanlab team member Armine Shahbazyan.

1. Other Yerevan, page 1/7
2. ReThink Metsamor, page 2/7
3. Engage Vanadzor, page 3/7
4. Conservation of Sevan Writers Resort, page 4/7
5. Independent Landscape, National Pavilion of Armenia at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, page 5/7
6. Urban Walks also in Goris, page 6/7
7․ Our team's NY greeting card of 2014-2015, page 7/7

Illustration by Armine Shahbazyan

urbanlab team and friends partnered with Cafesjian Center of Arts for an educational program titled City Hundretwasser in the framework of the exhibition of Friedensreich Hundertwasser organized by the center.
Young people of different age categories took part in a series of workshops led by urbanlab team and others to re-imagine architecture and urban fabric of Yerevan inspired by works and teachings of Hundretwasser. The results of the program were presented in June at the closing ceremony of the exhibition. Architect Armine Shahbazyan also joined the workshops along with urbanlab team. Photos by Armen Yesayants, Cafesjian Center for Arts.

April 18 marks the International Day of Monuments and Sites initiated by International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). urbanlab joins the series of events carried out within this initiative on 2014, partaking in the promotion of preservation of modern (20th century) heritage. You can see out bright yellow stickers all over Yerevan, particularly in the central parts of the city.

Prague Architecture Week is a well-known international festival of modern and contemporary architecture. In 2013 urbanlab was invited to this prestigious event to represent Armenia for the first time. The pavilion of Armenia was presented in the format of a 3D urbanlab map of Yerevan, where some important urban activity points with involvement of our team were presented. Find more information on our participation at Prague Architecture Week here.

The aim of Meet Architecture series is to provide an alternative and none formal education to young professionals and architecture students. Some professionals in urban planning, architecture and related fields are sharing their knowledge once in two weeks. In this season a number of guests held talks, which can be found here.

As part of the 2020Lab Project individual architects and professionals from related fields presented their unrealized projects on Pecha Kucha format. 
In addition to this, a group of individual architects and professionals also presented their vision on the changes that will happen during next 8 years. 
Each of them presents their personal approach by trying to present their background and knowledge on current situation. Watch all videos here.

Together with the College of Engineering (CoE) and the Acopian Center for the Environment (ACE) of American University of Armenia and with the partnership with the United Nations University’s Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS), hosted a month-long Summer course in Yerevan. The aim of the Summer course was to test guidelines designed to preserve and restore biodiversity in urban areas. AUA will conduct this test through a month-long Summer course in Yerevan. For more information visit the American University in Armenia website.